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• Dispensing medicines


- We can supply medicines and appliances ordered on NHS prescriptions

- We offer information and advice to enable safe and effective use of medication and appliances to patients and carers.

- Our computer systems comply with data protection standards to ensure appropriate records are maintained.

- Our pharmacy also offers Electronic Prescription Services (EPS), therefore if your surgery participates in this service your prescription can be sent to us electronically.


• Repeat dispensing


- Our pharmacy can dispense repeat prescriptions and store the documents (RA’s and RD’s) if required.

- We will ensure that each repeat supply is required and seek to ascertain that there is no reason why the patient should be referred back to their GP.

- All of our pharmacists have undertaken appropriate training to offer this essential service.


• Clinical governance


- Audit – Our pharmacy undertakes in house audits and PCT audits to ensure our high standards are maintained and implement best practice and if necessary changing practice.

- Our Pharmacy Clinical Governance Lead is Amritpal Singh Sandhu

- Patient Safety reporting- Our patients safety is of upmost importance and our pharmacy complies with all Patient safety incident reporting under the new Pharmacy contractual framework.

- Our Pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical council, premises registration number: 1107407

- Our pharmacy complies with the required levels of confidentiality and compliance with the date protection Act


• Disposal of unwanted medicines


- We can accept unwanted medicines from households and individuals which require safe disposal.  


• New  Medicine  Service


- Konnect Pharmacy offer the NMS service to patients using any method of our prescription service. Our pharmacist will offer this service if you are prescribed a medicine which you haven’t had before for one of the following conditions:



•Lung conditions such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema

•Type 2 Diabetes

•High BP

•Conditions where you take medicines to control the way your blood clots


The Pharmacist will arrange a free telephone consolation or email you to make sure you understand your medicine and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your medicines.


The Pharmacist will follow up again with a second telephone call or email to see how you are getting on with your medicine.


If there are any concerns which are significant we may wish to speak with your doctor or ask you to make another appointment to see your doctor.


To offer this service we will ask you to complete a consent form which will be emailed or posted to you when required.